Punker Bunker.

Two weeks ago, I walked past the Punker Bunker in Brighton - a record shop I used to visit whenever I was in the city.  I last went there a couple of years ago, when I was in town for a stag party, for the first time in 8 or 9 years - Buz at the counter was, very nonchalantly, just like "How's Folkestone? How's your brother?".

I found this short video online this week.

I want to write a few blogs over the next week or two about punk rock, and about this subculture.  The association most people have is with spitting, massive mohicans, and a period of about 9 months in the 1970s.  My experience of it was - and is - really different, and it affects how I live and work up to today.  

I'll pick that apart a little bit in a few posts.  I don't want to it to be too nostalgic - mainly because the scenes still exist today (although a bit smaller, and I'm not involved any more).