Simple premises.

I read this fantastic article by David Bix this morning about the creation, development and promotion of two pro-wrestling shows (one in 2017 and one in 2018) called Joey Janela's Spring Break.  I was especially impressed by the short, promotional videos for the event, they're completely fantastic.  There's one of Janela wandering through the streets trying to raise money to wrestle Marty Jannetty, one of a small indy guy challenging Matt Riddle (one of the most bad-ass dudes in wrestling) with Riddle's response.  They're artful without screaming artful.  They're funny.  They feel really current and up-to-date.  They look like they were made quickly and cheaply, even though the production values are still high.  And they all tell a very simple story which will make an audience want to come see a performance: the video sets up the premise, and the performance will bring it home.


As I write a concept and funding application for a show, it's good to be reminded that simple, imaginative premises are effective premises.

Tom Hughes