Teenage Road Movie

after Terrence Malick

We are the future of entertainment.  It's a simple idea: we collected together all the films and all of the TV.  And we made them smaller.

In the 1930s, Bill and Abby skip town and procure work under the pretence of being brother and sister.  In the 1950s, Holly and Kit have got no prospects at home and run away to live out a dangerous fantasy.  In the 2010s, Alexander and Charlotte would rather watch Netflix than talk about their difficult relationship.

A disco mash-up of Badlands and Days of Heaven about teenage couples and not-fitting-in.

March 2014, Camden People's Theatre

Bevan Celestine (Kit)
Jessica Clark (Holly)
Tom Hughes (director)
Jennifer Jackson (Abby)
Joseph Radcliffe (Bill)

June 2015, East 15 (Contemporary Acting) 

Roberta Bellekom (assistant director / co-devisor)
Taylor Danson (Cato / co-devisor)
Daniel Finn (Kit / co-devisor)
Marysa Finnie (Netflix / co-devisor)
Elizabeth Fletcher (Charlotte / co-devisor)
Beatrice Granno (ensemble / co-devisor)
Tom Hughes (director / co-devisor)
Isabella Javor (Video designer / co-devisor)
Lynne Jeffries (Holly / co-devisor)
Adam Mort (The Farmer / co-devisor)
Aiden Napier (The Father / co-devisor)
Lily Newmark (Ensemble / co-devisor)
Rosie Raven (Netflix / co-devisor)
Rachel Roberts (Abby / co-devisor)
Max Sisterson (Bill / co-devisor)
Igor Smith (Alexander / co-devisor)


I decided, after everything that happened, an ordinary life wouldn't be so bad.  Or maybe it will.  I don't know ... but at least I decided.