One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

by Dale Wassermann
adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey

It's gonna burn me with fear, finally telling about all this.
It's still hard for me to have a clear mind thinking on it.
But it's the truth - even if it didn't really happen.

Randle P McMurphy has bluffed his way into a psychological institution, choosing it over the labour of prison. He discovers an alternate universe, overseen by Nurse Ratched who rules not with an iron fist but by manufacturing consent from her inmates. A new production of Dale Wasserman’s adaptation of Ken Kesey’s cult 1962 novel, investigating how far, under right-wing dictatorships, we act for ourselves and the point at which we act for our fellow citizens.

March 2017 - The Corbett Theatre, East 15

A show made by:
Adam Tyler
Allie Ingalls
Ana Gregoire
Caitlin Sloan
Elena Vanzini
Elizabeth Wright
Jake Wakstein
Kris Simeonov
Lola Claire
Maciek Trzpis-Miedziewski
Marcin Rudy
Michael Grieser-Johns
Mirjam Köberlein
Nick Voyia
Phil Hamilton
Radu Zatreanu
Sophie Cooney
Stephanie McGuinness
Toby Gauntlett
Tom Hughes
Ved Sapru

Two poor quality video clips - so you can see how it moves.

Morning exercises and the 3am party

Extracts from my workbook for this project (why this play / research images etc) are here.

They work on you, ways you can't even see.
They watch everything we do.
They get hold of you and they install things.
We have sensors in our pockets that track us everywhere we go.
Do you know what that means McMurphy?

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