Late in the Day

by Sharon Kanolik

August 7th 2011. Emeka is caught in a cycle: daytime job interviews that go nowhere and whole nights lost to Call of Duty Black Ops. Marin hates the daily grind of his shop but knows that it's better than back home. And Sophie is trying hard to make house whilst her husband and two kids are out all day. All three find themselves out on London's streets and trapped together with the very people that they work hard to ignore.

This show combines spoken word, drama and a live sound loop to interrogate ideas of community in the modern city.

June 2013 - Hen & Chickens Theatre

Bevan Celestine (Emeka)
Mark Edel-Hunt (Marin)
Douglas Green (Light Designer)
Tom Hughes (Director)
Clare Lawrence-Moody (Sophie)
Michael Lightborne (Sound Designer)
Luke Lutterer (Assistant Director)
Alison Neighbour (Designer)

"It crackles with electricity, it feels like revolution" - MADDY COSTA


late in the day.png