Daughters of the Sun

by Tom Hughes and the Company


It’s a show where we’ll ask you to imagine a number of things that aren’t real. It’s the sort of low-budget, unfunded theatre which is like - oh, now we’re in Russia you can imagine that can’t you?

11 years from today: the last ever theatre performance in the space we all share right now.

113 years ago: a Russian man wrote in prison, watching death get closer.

20 years from today: two women in a cover band practice for their first ever gig together.

Today: an evening at the theatre about art, expression and fear, made for one singer and one percussionist, inspired in equal parts by Maxim Gorky’s Children of the Sun and Ariana Grande.

November 2018 - Camden People’s Theatre

A show made by
Rebecca Brewer
Beth Higham-Edwards
Ellie Horne
Tom Hughes
Dan Hutton
Sarah Readman

You can imagine that they’re all hearing something different, experiencing something different.
We all just heard something different.
But we’re all dancing.
You can imagine that we’re all dancing.

Audience feedback

“Daughters of the Sun is a perfect show for a cold winter night, filled with honesty, warmth, vulnerability and hope - and some classic songs too. Terrific work.” @jonathanwakeham

“Life affirming piece of work. It’s simultaneously warm and motivating.” @Fran_Regis

“I adored both Mirabel by Chris Goode and Daughters of the Sun by Tom Hughes for vastly different reasons, but mainly for the kindness sitting easy alongside the anger at the core of them both.” @avawongdavies

“Tom Hughes shares a window into a new way of thinking about performance. He’s a master with actors, delicately bringing out their individual joy for us to feast on. He’s written an intelligent meta-narrative that was warm and REAL.” @philippaneels

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